About Us

Nexgen International is a Social Enterprise dedicated to transforming people’s lives so they can transform their communities. We have been in existence since 2004 and we work alongside faith groups, companies, government parastatals and individuals to develop alternative thinking, an enterprise culture and better ways of living.  Our organisation has designed a number of exciting training courses to give our participants the opportunity to explore new and exciting ways to do business and we encourage individuals and organisations alike to seek the inner hero and use their experiences to excel. We strongly believe that by encouraging and assisting people to become all they can, they will reach and operate at maximum potential and be able to develop the confidence and self-esteem to realise their full potential.
Nexgen was founded to challenge faith groups to engage with the wider community and provide needed services in their local areas and since inception; we have assisted a number of faith-based projects to start-up and have taken part in training and mentoring their staff for maximum performance. We offer a wide range of structured courses, workshops, training and events - however, we realise that for our work to be successful it is vital that we meet your specific needs. We therefore usually run a diagnostic service for our clients so that we can tailor our services to your needs.

 Our Vision

 Is of a successful business driven by integrity powered by its people and its principles and practices;
Our aim is to be the preferred and most trusted resource for training and services that enhances the community, the home, business and family life.
Our courses have been developed as a result of extensive experience and research into the needs of our various clients.  Each training package is finalised following consultation with the client to ensure all content is suitable, relevant and engaging.  Our aim is to deliver bespoke training that meets the goals of our clients in their pursuit of personal, professional and community development.
NEXGEN’s main aim is to facilitate the growth and development of others. Wherever you are in your career NEXGEN helps you manage your self development. We inspire, motivate and guide individuals to think and operate ‘outside of the box’ and to make positive changes to their lives, whether it is helping people to build new careers or to simply add Skills to their existing portfolio. We consider ourselves as enablers of learning rather than presenters of information and facts. The training programmes are heavily based on personal self development. The primary objective is to ensure that there is a ‘holistic approach’ to people development, performance and career management. All training consultants bring their experience of current professional practice and have collectively worked and provided training and consultancy services to a variety of organisations within the private, public and voluntary sectors