Our team

Shola Lana
Shola Lana is the Founding Projects Director of Nexgen International a Fundraising, Training and Consultancy organisation based in the United Kingdom for the last 11 years and in Nigeria. She has a B.A (Hons) in English and has a background in Public Speaking, Fundraising, Training, Capacity Building, Broadcasting, Public Relations, Community Empowerment and Engagement and over 25 years of experience in all areas of Transformation and Change Management. She has also been instrumental in training teams of staff in small voluntary organisations, churches and large multinationals
Shola is a Conference Speaker at and has facilitated and delivered conferences and seminars in Companies, colleges, Universities, churches in Nigeria and Europe.
Shola’s strengths lie in; fundraising for charities and social enterprises, public speaking, strengthening teams, business development, empowerment and capacity building; she possesses a philosophy of enabling others to reach maximum potential.  She has been described as a dynamic speaker and an outstanding presenter, passionate in her training and a communicator who doggedly believes and practices what she says. This comes across in her training sessions as she incites, stimulates and aids individuals through the use of humour and practical examples of success to take steps towards actualising their dreams.
Shola is a member of the UK Institute of Fundraisers, The Black Fundraisers Network UK and the UK Association of Entrepreneurs. She trains and assists people in the areas of  funding, developing their teams and management styles, writing funding bids, developing fundraising strategies and developing ideas into innovative projects and businesses.. Many organisations have accessed funding with her help from a range of grant-making bodies. Her interactive, witty and lively techniques leave delegates with no doubt they have come to the right person and have repeatedly resulted in formation of successful projects and enterprises, and productive and more forward thinking teams.

Isaac Opeodu
Isaac Adeleke Opeodu is a Social Entrepreneur and Computer Analyst with a background in Civil Engineering. He worked for many years in Construction, before becoming a Director with Nexgen and has served as International Project Manager, especially on the project with the National Union of Road Transport Workers in a number of Nigerian states.
His strengths lie in negotiation, building relationships and organising training programmes in the United Kingdom and his primary aim on this particular project is to bring positive changes to the Transportation system in Nigeria through Nexgen's input.

Dr. Philip Idaewor
A Medical Practitioner by training, Dr. Philip Idaewor has extensive knowledge in health and healthcare management as a medical practitioner. He spent most part of his early career as a lecturer in a medical School in Nigeria and was well regarded as a mentor to numerous medical students at the University of Benin. He moved to the UK in 2000 and works presently in the National Health Services (NHS) in the United Kingdom.
He sits on the board of a number of Black and Ethnic minorities (BME) Organisations in the UK. Dr Idaewor is a founding member and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Arisenigeria. He also sits on or chairs board of other Charitable organisations and has resolved that if we must  eradicate inequality and underdevelopment in our world, we cannot but be involved in community action, and must let honesty and trust be the cornerstone of our involvement.
Dr Idaewor brings his diverse experiences in academia, politics and humanitarian activities into this project.

Mr. Gideon Fadehan

Communications Director
An IT Professional who graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Gideon is responsible for all graphics, and Information Technology services, including building and maintaining databases. He also doubles occasionally as Office Manager.

Lydia Adeola Ope-Akinbola


Stephen Patrick Loney